Loxley Brewery has come a long way since we first established ourselves underneath The Wisewood Inn two years ago.  As we’ve dialled in recipes, improved processes and set up an onsite bottling plant, it felt that we needed to bring some cohesion to the way our beers presented themselves across packaging formats.

We’ve worked hard with Nick Law from Hop Forward: both a brewer and branding consultant, who has created some eye catching designs and brought his experience to the brewery.

‘With the business situated in the Loxley valley, on the edge of the Peak District, we decided to draw inspiration from both the surrounding area, wider mythology and local folklore to incorporate into the branding and narrative’ says Nick.

He continues: ‘Having explored a variety concepts, we decided on using bold colour gradients, with shapes, lines and patterns to represent the river Loxley, woods, hills, valley, graveyard, and other elements associated with the area.’

‘Names for beers draw inspiration on local folklore from Sheffield’s darker past, while each bottle includes a short creative yarn loosely based on these legends’.

As the much loved Loxley Brewery raven logo has a harrowing feel about it, we chose some of the more unsavoury characters in local history to focus on, such as the murder of Mary Revil, and Dale Dyke dam engineer John Gunson.

So, whether you’re stood at the bar ordering looking for a ‘Wisewood One’ or in a local bottle shop, such as Beeches of Walkley, the beers remain unchanged – we’ve simply updated what’s on the outside of the container so you’ll know which lovely beer to drink at home as well as out in the pub.