What a (nearly) year it’s been.  It’s quite hard to believe that 11 months ago (or is that 11 lifetimes; I think we’ve lost count!) the country was plunged into the first Lockdown of its kind, with more to follow.

And while you have been staying at home, the wheels have been turning – if somewhat slightly slower than we’re used to here at Loxley Brewery.

At the back end of last year, we took shipment of two DVPs (dual purpose vessels), made to order using the fantastic SSV Limited based in Leeds above Kirkstall Brewery and within a mere stone’s throw of ITV Studios.

These DVPs – also known as unitanks – will enable us to brew other styles of beer, including lagers, super hoppy IPAs, saisons and the like, while retaining the capacity to carry on with our core range of cask and bottle conditioned ales.  A DVP also allows us to force carbonate beer in the tank and dial in the mouthfeel from the foam in your glass.

As you can tell, we’re very excited to commence brewing with them.

Dave is still busy brewing away all your core range favourites such as Halliday, Fearn and even brought back Black Dog recently, in honour of the brewery and pub dog – Charlie – who sadly passed away last year.

We really can’t wait to share a few beers with you again when pubs finally reopen.  As ever, in the meantime, you can purchase our beers through our online shop.